Escape the winter on these tropical islands

Escape the winter on these tropical islands


In Europe, as well as in parts of North America and the rest of the world, the temperatures are starting to drop and the weather is getting chilly. Therefore, many people in the yachting world, whether it be yacht owners or people wanting to charter, are looking for places to escape the cold.

If this applies to you, seek no further. This article will provide you with some of the dreamiest islands to spend the gloomy days on. 

The first island on our list is beautiful Barbados. When traveling by yacht, you will most likely end up on the north-western coast of the island, as this is where most of the luxurious life is centered. Also, Port Ferdinand is located there and offers an excellent marina to moor your yacht.

It is famous for attracting wealthy tourists from all over the world and has some of the most beautiful lodgings on the island.

Because the weather rarely drops under 85 degrees in winter, you can head off to explore the island by renting a luxurious buggy car or indulging in various activities famous for the island, like exploring the famous shark hole, hike to Carlisle Bay or visit the well-loved Miami Beach. 

Another highly recommendable destination during the colder months are the British Virgin Islands. What is especially interesting about the British Virgin Islands is that it is made up of four main islands, all of which offer options to moor your yacht, as well as many tiny islands. 

These islands can be difficult to explore as a normal tourist, because many islands do not have any liners going there and do not offer accommodation. 

However, going on holiday by yacht offers you the unique opportunity to discover the most pristine and beautiful islands without excessive tourism.

No matter which island you end up choosing, you will be met with turquoise water and reef-lined beaches. Therefore, the British Virgin Islands are also a famous destination for snorkeling and deep-diving. If you do not have the gear you need on your Yacht, you can easily borrow all supplies at one of the island’s numerous diving stores. The water definitely never gets too cold for these outdoor activities, because it boasts around 79 degree Fahrenheit all year around. 

Another island that will keep you from being cold is the slightly less known island of Grenada. Grenada is especially beloved by the owners of sailing yachts because of the favorable winds. You start in the north of the island, where the nature is beautiful and you can find numerous sandbars and coral reefs and travel all the way to the south of the island with the winds. 

However, no matter what you travel with, Grenada is definitely worth a visit. As a beautiful tropical island, it obviously offers various beautiful white sand beaches like the Grand Anse Beach. Nevertheless, Grenada has much more to offer. On the mainland for example, you can find the beautiful Concord waterfalls or the historic Belmont Estate. Snorkelers and divers will also get their fair share of fun here. A well-coveted tourist attraction are the underwater sculptures which remind of ancient days and are famous in the diving world. 

The water temperatures on and around Grenada will also guarantee a pleasant experience ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

So whichever one of these islands ends up being your safe haven from the cold, you will get your tan for the New Years ready and have loads of things to occupy your time. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions or are interested in chartering or buying.

photo source: Eugene Zhyvchik / unsplash

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