Reasons why to charter a yacht this New Year’s Eve

Reasons why to charter a yacht this New Year’s Eve


If you are tired of celebrating the new Year the old fashioned way, we might just have the perfect recommendation for you. Why not celebrate New Years Eve on a Yacht? To follow up on that thought, we have included six reasons as to why you should consider it. 

  1. The Climate

The first and most apparent prompt on our list is evidently the climate. Many regions of the globe are already battling the cold and extreme weather we are experiencing at the moment. Sure, you could always cuddle up on your couch with a hot chocolate, but why not try something new this year? Chartering a yacht gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want while enjoying the good vibes and sunshine.

2. Privacy

Second on our list is another crucial factor: privacy. Many people celebrate the New Year by clubbing or attending huge events.

 However, in situations like these you will nearly always find yourself faced with crowds and tons of strangers. These events are often loud and it is easy to lose focus. Chartering a yacht for this special event is a great way to have an incredible experience, but escape all the trouble and crowds. 

However, nobody is saying that you have to stay alone or only surrounded by your closest family on your yacht. Why not make use of this opportunity and throw a little NYE yacht party?

3. No complaints and pure freedom

This brings us to the third point on the list of reasons why chartering a yacht is a great idea. Floating in the middle of the sea grants you the freedom to do whatever you like.

 If you decide to throw a party to celebrate the new year, a yacht is one of the best ways to do so. No neighbors will be alerted by the noise and file complaints and no one will have to interact with the outside world. You create your own little safe haven or party venue for the night and will bother no one else by doing so. 

4. Best views from the water

No matter if you are doing a get together with all your friends or if you are enjoying a solo reprieve, the views are always popular when it comes to the New Years Eve. Huge fFireworks and a lit up environment makes all of us swoon. Here, chartering a yacht comes in more handy than ever. When you are living in a big city or are celebrating at a huge event, your views are often obstructed by buildings or other people. This will not be the case on water. You can simply pick the best viewpoint you can find and moor your yacht there. Some countries and cities even prohibit fireworks at all. Therefore choosing a different country and chartering a yacht might be a good option. 

5. Mobility

Another point on our list is mobility. If you decide to stay in on NYE, you are rooted in one place. By being on board a yacht, you evade this issue. You could spend the day exploring the wide sea and taking dives to explore exotic reefs by day and then decide to moor your yacht at the next harbor and hit up a nightclub. No matter what happens, you will not be forced to stay in one place. 

6. Activities

Last but not least, a yacht offers multiple opportunities and you will not have to decide on one single thing to do on this special day. This kind of plays into our fifth point on the list, as you can always change your location to your current liking. But you could also relax in the jacuzzi, go for a midnight swim, enjoy the views from the deck or have a special dinner prepared just for you by the chef de la cuisine. 

Photo source: Colin Chong / uns-lash

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