The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – an Event Best Enjoyed by Yacht

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – an Event Best Enjoyed by Yacht

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Every year in November, Formula One celebrates its epic final race in Abu Dhabi, the city of superlatives. The scenery is one straight out of an oriental fairytale, as the racing cars are illuminated by the spectacular circuits and the whole island is being lit up. 

Read on, as we will explain to you why the Grand Prix finale is a must-attend yachting event you won’t want to miss. 

One of the first determining factors is definitely the warm and breezy climate, which characterises the Emirates in November. While most of Europe and the US is freezing under the changing seasons, Abu Dhabi offers the perfect weather for tanning, dining outside and events such as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

This, in combination with the thrills of the Formula One events brings more than fifty thousand annual visitors to the venue.The island on which the event is held, Yas Island, was artificially created specifically for entertainment. It boasts various theatres and musical centres as well as theme parks and beaches. So there is no need to worry about what to do when you are not aboard your Yacht watching the race cars. 

Another key factor is that, while other Formula One tracks have adapted over time and now have Yacht slots for rent, the Abu Dhabi track was designed specifically to be watched by Yacht. Therefore, in chartering a Yacht or booking a slot for your own Yacht, you have an advantage and the best view of the event.

Due to the popularity of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Island has become a hotspot for superyachting activity and attracts some of the world’s largest yachts every year. No matter what you are in the mood for, the exclusivity of having a Yacht offers you a secluded getaway option, as well as the perfect party hub. 

If you don’t feel like planning anything yourself, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as well as the Monaco Grand Prix, is famous for its after-race entertainment. Past acts have included Prince, the Weeknd and Beyoncé, so you are sure to have an enjoyable experience no matter what you are up to on Yas Island. 

Are you interested in a yacht charter for this or any other event or need further information? Feel free to contact us.

Photo Source: unsplash / Murthy Venkat / Nick Fewings

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