The Caribbean – Your Dream Destination for the Colder Months 

The Caribbean – Your Dream Destination for the Colder Months 


When thinking about which group of islands is suitable for your winter getaway, you should definitely consider the islands of the Caribbean. The yachting season there usually runs from late November to early May, so now is the perfect time to relax on a beautiful Caribbean Island. 

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is seen as an unofficial marker for the season and will be held from the 4th until the 9th of November this year at the Nelson’s dockyard marina. This is the best event to mingle with like-minded people and exchange your annual yachting ideas and plans. The show is sure to attract hundreds of yachting enthusiasts and will display some of the world’s most luxurious charter vessels. While visiting the show, you should take advantage of Antiguas stunning coastal waters and take a swim or dive there. Numerous events linked to the Charter Show will also guarantee that you will not get bored. On the first night of the show for example, you are invited to join the Antigua Sundowners Dinner at the lovely Boom Restaurant and on the 5th day, the event offers a Welcome Networking Event and a light supper directly at Nelson’s Dockyard Marina. 

Once you have started off your Carribean season on Antigua, you could continue your trip to the neighboring island of Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is a French overseas region and geographically resembles a butterfly, because its two largest islands are separated by the Salée River. The right part of Guadeloupe, the hilly Grande Terre is especially famous for its sugarcane fields and long beaches, while the left part of the island, the Basse Terre, is famous for its volcano La Grande Soufrière and its breathtaking nature. Guadeloupe attracts some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful yachts during yachting season every year. It is especially favored by families and for romantic getaways. When cruising to Guadeloupe by yacht, you should not forget to check out the breathtaking crayfish waterfall. For more adventurous people, Guadeloupe also offers plenty of hiking trails through the mountains and jungle up to the foot of the volcano. 

Should you tire of Guadeloupe, there are numerous similarly beautiful islands only a short trip away, like the tiny island of Montserrat or the British Virgin Islands. In case you are craving more adventure, there are two routes that you could take. 

The first option we recommend is taking a trip to Puerto Rico. The food, the culture, the history and the people are something that will definitely entice you and make your stay worthwhile. There will still be plenty of white sand beaches to enjoy, but on top of that the island boasts a vast and impressive history. Be sure to visit the famous Castillo San Felipe del Morro. The castle was initially fortified in 1539 and was completed 50 years later. For even more adventure and an unforgettable culinary experience, you should plan at least a day to explore the island’s capital, San Juan. The city is known for its bars, nightclubs and casinos, as well as its authentic restaurants. 

If you crave an even bigger city, then the second city we have on our list might excite you. Very easily accessible by yacht, coming from the Caribbean, is the metropolis of a city – Miami. 

Miami offers some of the finest dining in the area along with an amazing number of things to do and experience. Moor your yacht at the Yacht Haven Grande and enjoy your stay at this city with nearly half a million inhabitants. You are going to be treated heavenly at the Sunset Harbour Yacht Club, where you can enjoy your first drink upon arriving. The following days, you could explore the Miami Design District and have a look at countless art studios and Art Deco architecture, or you could enjoy a shopping trip along Miami Avenue. 

To fully experience Miami, you should at least stay a few days here. The city is also a perfect way to end your Caribbean Yacht cruise, as it offers everything you could wish for – no matter if you are in the mood for pristine beaches, haute cuisine or non-stop nightlife. 

photo source: Max Andrey / unsplash

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