The heart of your yachting experience – the crew

The heart of your yachting experience – the crew


Who do you need on a yacht to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable? This is an age-long question. 

It is safe to say that the success of your trip is dependent on the crew. Nowadays, one can hardly imagine a yacht without its crew, especially because yachting is usually connected to a pristine form of luxury that can only be achieved with people taking great care of everything and making sure you have everything you need. 

Some of the biggest yachts boast a crew of up to 80 people. This might seem abundant now, but when it comes to maintaining your Yacht there is way more than meets the eye. 

When thinking of „Who do I need on my yacht“, people often think of the captain first. Smaller boats oftentimes leave a harbor with just a skipper and nothing else. However, this is not the case when it comes to smooth sailing on a superyacht. 

Additionally to the captain and the co-captain, you will need to hire some more staff. Rupert Conner once said „A bad boat with a good crew is a fun time. A great boat with a bad crew is misery.“

In this article we will make sure that you have everyone necessary for a lovely time. 

When it comes to smaller yachts with room for up to eight guests, Oxana Vergne, our former charter manager at Engel & Völkers Yachting, suggests a crew of two to four members. 

However, usually the member count will range somewhere around 30 members. 

The most important people on your yacht will likely be the captain alongside the chef. They will essentially lead the two different sets of crew. The captain sets the mood for the deck crew, including all your deckhands and the helping officers.

The chef will be the heart piece of the so-called interior staff. The interior staff is made up of service and housekeeping people, stewards and stewardesses, butlers and occasionally massage therapists and other wellbeing workers. 

It is also recommended to hire at least one engineer and/or electrician for your trip in case of a technical emergency. 

As the owner of the yacht, your direct contact amongst the crew will most likely be the captain himself or a representative of him. 

You should also select your crew in a manner that everyone gets along well with each other. This is vital to the success of your yachting experience. According to your needs, there is also the option to distinctly look for discreet crew members or crew members speaking diverse languages to accommodate all your guests pleasingly. 

A meeting when first boarding the yacht is very essential. You can share your expectations for your crew and let them know how you best enjoy your trip. Some people prefer their crew to kind of stay in the background and take care of everything rather discreetly, while others love for their crew to be very interactive and get to know them. All these wishes should be made clear beforehand. 

The crew of your yacht is also important in order to make you feel safe at all times. All yacht crew members are required to have a recognized seafarer medical certificate, as well as basic safety training. Therefore any employee should be able to help in case of a fire, as well as personal and medical needs. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any further questions or inquiries. 

photo source: Mohamed Masaau / unsplash

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