The Monaco Yacht Show 2022 – a Wrap-Up

The Monaco Yacht Show 2022 – a Wrap-Up


We, as Engel & Völkers Yachting, have been delighted to attend this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. As always, it has been a pleasure and has given numerous insights into the recent events and developments in the Yachting sector. 

In the yachting market, there are some significant differences compared to recent years.

One of the most prominent changes in the sector is probably  the balance between buyers and sellers. Whilst in the past, the buyers have dominated the market and have taken their preferred pick of a yacht, this has now changed. In recent years, the world has seen an increase in billionaires like almost never before. The United States of America especially, have had a growth of wealthy people willing to invest into the Yachting sector. Due to all these changes, there are now more buyers than sellers in the market and owning a Yacht has become more coveted than in the past years. Therefore, competition surrounding the best yachts has become fiercer than before. If you are willing to purchase a yacht in the current time, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will make your dreams come true – regardless of the market situation.

Another topic that has been in the center of discussion at this year’s show was  sustainability. The exhibitors have set up a unique sustainability hub showing different ways to reduce your carbon footprint in  yachting and have showcased the newest technologies. While yachting is unarguably not the most  environmentally conscious hobby, the exhibition has shown that there are yet  many ways to make an effort. If you are interested in adapting to these changes, we proudly offer you to offset your carbon footprint with us. 

The Monaco Yacht Show has again been excellent in showing the multiple facets of the Yachting sector. When owning or buying a yacht, there are numerous factors that should be taken into account, including the cost control and the accounting, as well as the interior and exterior design of your yacht. As always, our Engel & Völkers Yachting team has been busy at the Yacht Show conversing and exchanging ideas with multiple representatives of these divisions. Therefore, we can advise and direct you in all aspects of buying and maintaining your yacht. 

In conclusion, this year’s Monaco Yacht Show has been another great showcase of the world of Yachting and has given us numerous insights into recent trends and developments. This newly obtained knowledge will be used to guide and aid our clients even better in the coming year. 

See you next year, Monaco!

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