Why you should consider making your next cruise to Norway

Why you should consider making your next cruise to Norway

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Chartering through unknown fjords, climbing the tops of beautiful mountains or relaxing at the beach. No matter what your heart beats for, it can surely be found in one of the year’s most coveted yachting destinations – Norway. 

Have we caught your attention? Let us invite you to a quick fictional yachting trip to Norway. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll get in touch with us to turn this into reality soon.

Norway bedazzles its visitors with its breathtaking nature, which invites you to relax and take a step back from everyday life. Furthermore, it is full of adventures and phenomena that can not be easily experienced anywhere else. 

Take the northern lights for example. Known as aurora borealis, the northern lights are the result of the earth’s magnetic field and solar wind coming together. Millions of tourists visit northern countries every year to see this spectacle first-hand. When chartering a yacht, you are able to experience the northern lights from the most exclusive viewpoint ever – the water. 

The Northern lights are beautiful by themselves, but having them reflected in the water surrounding your yacht is a whole different experience. One of the hotspots for seeing the northern lights in Norway is the coastal city Tromsø. It therefore is one of the locals favorite yachting destinations. You have the option to view Nature’s wonders from the exclusive location of your yacht or moor your yacht at one of the marinas in the municipality and go ashore. 

The city Tromsø itself offers various things to do. It includes enjoying the local cuisine, such as the famous Lapskaus stew, or a ride on a sledge pulled by huskies.

Should you decide that you have seen enough of the north of Norway and want to stay in the country for a longer period of time, you can take a scenic route down to the southern end of Norway. On the way to whichever next destination you choose, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in a remote fjord. Just drop anchor and relax from all the stress of day to day  life and enjoy the views and sounds of undisturbed nature from the luxury of your yacht.

Always worth a visit when going further south, is the fishing village Reine. It is known for its beautiful fjords and a breathtaking hiking trail, the Reinebringen, from which you can overlook the village as well as the beautiful landscape. 

If this has sparked your interest and you decide to give Norway – the newcomer among the yachting destinations – a try, we advise you to plan your visit during the summer months.

During that time, the water is pleasantly warm and the land offers opportunities for all the hikes, sightseeing and outdoor activities your heart desires. During the peak month of July, you might even enjoy a warm thermal bath under the fabled midnight sun or just indulge in sunbathing on top of your deck.

If you are interested in further information concerning a trip to Norway by Yacht or chartering and buying Yachts in general, feel free to contact us. 

Photo Source: unsplash / Lachlan Gowen

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