The Cyclades luxury yacht charter – by Hans Oberländer

Whitewashed houses on arid hills and red rocky outcrops; bright blue skies and azure seas: a cruise around the islands of the Cyclades combines picture-perfect scenery with traditional Greek country living and a vibrant nightlife.

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The Cyclades luxury yacht charter – by Hans Oberländer


Greece Itinerary

DAY 1: Lavrio

Around 36 km from Athens Airport, the modern marina in Lavrio is the port of departure and destination for many Cyclades luxury yacht charters. The 56 islands are scattered across an area of some 100 by 120 nautical miles. Marinas are limited in number. So you have to up anchor to avoid being gone with the wind – as the strong Etesian winds of the Aegean are not to be underestimated.

DAY 2: Syros

In circa 1860, Ermoupoli laid claim to the most important port in the whole of Greece. Still to this day, neoclassical villas, the Apollo Theatre modeled on Milan’s La Scala, and marble-paneled squares characterize the town’s image. A stroll through the Vaporia quarter will take you back to an elegant bygone era.

DAY 3: Delos

According to legend, the god Apollo was born on Delos. The entire island is now an archaeological treasure trove and World Heritage Site. Day visitors come to marvel at ancient monuments like the Terrace of the Lions, with its five imposing marble lions. At the foot of Kynthos Mountain stands the Temple of Isis: the goddess of good fortune, the sea and travel, charged with watching over this and all voyages.

DAY 4: Mykonos

The chances of spotting stars on the beaches or in the gourmet restaurants and clubs of Mykonos is extremely high. The marina is some 2.5 km from the picturesque town with its charming windmills and Little Venice district. The shopping, posing and people-watching to be done on Matoyianni Street are great fun! Mykonos is a must-see destination during a Greece Yacht Charter.

DAY 5: Naxos

Discover Naxos, the largest and most diverse island in the Cyclades, with a Cyclades Luxury Yacht Charter. Peaceful rural living and high-spirited nightlife – both are possible here in the space of the same day. Leaving the endless beaches behind, the road inland leads through craggy limestone rocks, fertile valleys, abandoned monasteries and mountain villages like Apeiranthos, where it feels as though time has stood still.

DAY 6: Paros

The island has long ceased to be a well-kept secret, but it isn’t overcrowded either. Two quaint ports draw you in: Parikia, protected by reefs and rocks, and Naousa to the north. Fishing boats bob away in the harbor, while narrow alleyways lead you past whitewashed houses and little churches with bright blue domes. This is a scenic location to discover during a Cyclades luxury yacht charter.

DAY 7: Ios

Homer’s tomb is said to be on Ios. Most islanders are not concerned with this however: they are young and live for the nightlife. The island has two very different sides which can be discovered during a yacht charter in Greece. Arriving during the day, the Chora will feel deserted. At sunset though it slowly comes alive. Then the whole place turns into an open-air club. Followed by peace and quiet when, for a few hours, the beautiful beaches are empty.

DAY 8: Santorini

No tour of Greece would be complete without the famous view of the volcanic crater of Santorini, with the blue church dome and quaint white houses in the foreground. Often seen, but enchantingly beautiful. And, yes, the main town of Thira is often overcrowded, but when the sun goes down the front-row seats at the caldera are highly sought after: for what is arguably the most romantic blue hour in the world.

DAY 9: Sifnos

The way of life on Sifnos is calm and tranquil. Most of the beaches have shallow waters that are ideal for children. Numerous hiking trails lead the way into largely untouched nature. And in pretty little villages such as Artemonas and Kastro you will find tavernas where the cuisine is both simple and wonderful.

DAY 10: Serifos

Serifos provides a contrast to the crowds of tourists and flashy high life elsewhere. The days begin late here, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Beneath the rugged hillsides lie some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece – reachable by footpath only. The Chora too is among the most charming in the Cyclades, precisely because it is not a magnet for shoppers.

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Whitewashed houses on arid hills and red rocky outcrops; bright blue skies and azure seas: a cruise around the islands of the Cyclades combines picture-perfect scenery with traditional Greek country living and a vibrant nightlife.


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