Cruising La Dolce Vita – by Hans Oberländer

Enough dream destinations for more than just one trip of a lifetime: Experience Italy from the sea and take in the most incredible of sights as you circumnavigate 7,500 kilometres of unique coastline. Plus excursions on land that promise a culture of well-being that has been rejuvenating the body and mind for more than 2,500 years.

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Cruising La Dolce Vita – by Hans Oberländer


Italy Itinerary

DAY 1: Italy at its essence:

The Mediterranean and the Maritime Alps, beaches, centres of artistry and quaint little villages: they all form tourist delights strung together like pearls on the Ligurian Riviera. Set off in Sanremo – and prepare to embrace the nostalgia and flower-infused flair of the Belle Époque.

DAY 2: Stop over in Portofino:

The former fishing village is now one of the most fashionable spots to drop anchor during an Italy Yacht Charter. The journey continues past the five seaside villages that make up the Cinque Terre; cube-like clusters of houses and terraces built on rocky outcrops and high above rock faces which offer quite a breathtaking view. You then reach La Spezia, dominated by the medieVal fortress of Castello San Giorgio.

DAY 3: Volcanic Wellness:

Tuscany’s splendour is well-known, with its green hills and pristine pine trees. On the coast at Grosseto it is marsh-like: the Maremma region was once malaria-contaminated, but its fine sandy beaches, even finer wineries and agriturismo have long since restored its reputation. On a trip to the thermal baths in Saturnia, you can experience the wellness culture of the ancient Romans stretching back more than 2,500 years for yourself. Immersed in volcanic spring water and enjoying a range of modern beauty rituals on top.

DAY 4: Pearls in the azure blue sea:

They are located close to one another and yet they are so different at the same time. And both have no shortage of fans. Some, like the German Chancellor, prefer the charms of Ischia. Others, many of them affluent artists and bon vivants, have always sworn by Capri. As a volcanic island, Ischia entices visitors with its thermal baths and impressive fortress known as the Castello Aragonese. Meanwhile, Capri is enchanting for its spectacular limestone caves such as the Grotta Azzurra, and the evening comings and goings on La Piazzetta, a vibrant square and meeting point of vanities.

DAY 5: Turquoise Dreams:

The second largest island in the Mediterranean is itself worthy of a separate Italy luxury yacht charter. And it certainly makes a worthwhile 200 km leg on a circumnavigation of the Italian peninsula. On the Costa Smeralda with the resort of Porto Cervo, ancient island heritage and exclusive nightlife sit alongside Mediterranean shores that glow in Caribbean-like hues. For those who like life at a more peaceful pace: fabulous sandy beaches and anchorages are easy to find, and in the mountainous inland regions of the island it often gets isolated – and wildly romantic.

DAY 6: Calm & Carefree Cruising:

Immaculate beaches, crystal-clear waters, a dynamic underwater world and multicultural flair dating back to ancient eras: The province of Agrigento in southern Sicily has amazing treasures to offer those on an Italy Yacht Charter, without the bustle of other tourist hotspots. Valle dei Templi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: five imposing Greek temples, fascinating testimonies to the ancient world, nestled between the sea and the Old Town of Agrigento. Meanwhile, the port of Sciacca is an excellent starting point for diving and snorkeling expeditions, plus trips to the rugged Pelagie Islands of Lampedusa, Lampione and Linosa.

DAY 7: Homage to Rural Life:

Deserted sandy beaches, day-to-day rural pleasures, and incredible art treasures hidden almost bashfully away behind unassuming olive groves: Puglia offers a contrasting impression of Italy. There aren’t any well-trodden tourist paths, which leaves plenty of scope for you to make your own discoveries, both out in the countryside and exploring the age-old towns. Tracing the legacies of past conquerors and cultures, still evident in stone, gold and marble. And with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, there’s plenty of opportunity for dolce far niente.

DAY 8: Hotspot Through the Ages:

It doesn’t always have to (just) be Venice. The region of Veneto also has a wealth of appealing attractions to offer, especially when it comes to physical and mental well-being. The thermal baths in the Euganean Hills and the spa town of Albano Terme, not far from Padua, have been a veritable hotspot for this since the era of Ancient Rome. A boat trip on the Brenta Canal also provides stimulating relaxation: Venetian villas dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries line the banks on this trip into a bygone age.

DAY 9: North-Eastern Beauty:

The coast between Trieste and Duino rises up steeply from the sea. Small bays with idyllic beaches for bathing and small villages reveal themselves, while the castles in Miramare and Duino stand enthroned above the surf below. In Trieste, a promenade of brightly lit façades of the palazzi and other prestigious buildings greets you, all in the imposing style of Viennese classicism. It is a welcome and a farewell at the same time – as our Italy luxury yacht charter journey ends here.

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